Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning


Derive insights into data and create value with the latest in deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.

Machine vision & Recognition

We work with the latest image and video recognition algorithms on the cloud to derive details and process, classify and extract information from them.

We provide solutions and services using AWS cloud Deep Vision API and Google Cloud Vision AI.

Data classification

Unstructured data classification is a big challenge and a huge opportunity for businesses to derive the value of customer insights. We use Named entity recognition and Natural Language processing techniques to tag, classify and extract information from unstructured data. We use hive, pig and other tools to extract information from the unstructured data.

Content enrichment

Enrich the data by using Natural Language processing and entity recognition using best in class cloud-based entity recognition tools. Identify the named entities and enrich them for domain-specific ontologies.

Semantic search and Semantic Web

Semantic search enables organizations to search with a specific context. We use modern RDF/Ontology and natural language processing to enable the search within the unstructured data with a specific context. 

By defining ontologies for your business and storing them in a tuple data store and enabling them with natural language processing capabilities makes the data insightful and searchable with organization-specific context.