About Culture

At our company, we’ve cultivated a vibrant and inclusive company culture that fuels our success and an inspiring work environment. Guided by a shared mission and a set of core values, every team member contributes to a tapestry of collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect.We value each individual for their distinctive qualities and actively create an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.We provide a wealth of resources, from mentorship programs to continuous learning initiatives, ensuring that every team member has the chance to hone their skills and expand their horizons.It’s about coming together with a shared purpose, embracing diversity, nurturing growth, and making every day not just productive, but truly enjoyable. Join us, and be a part of a culture that empowers you to thrive, innovate, and make a meaningful impact.

Core Values

Mitesh Sharma CEO
At LogiQuad we strongly believe that people are the best capital of the company and all LogiQuad policies are designed keeping this philosophy at center stage. We value intellect, work ethics and diversity and its at the heart of whatever we achieve together.

Employee Benefits

At LogiQuad, we believe that happy employees are the most productive and so, here’s what you sign up for as you join the squad!

The employee along with the family is covered for medical expenses that arise due to an illness.

LogiQuad follows the compliances and pay its employees for rendering their services for equal to or more than 5 years.

It aims to built regular income from a pension when we retire. 

Maternity encompasses the mental health and emotional well-being of expectant and new mothers and we support it.

Training and development are essential components of personal and organizational growth which is faciliated at LogiQuad

These bonuses are designed to motivate employees, recognize their efforts, and align their performance with the goals and objectives of the company

It is important for its potential to improve work-life balance, increase access to talent.

#Life@ LogiQuad

Our mantra to productivity at LogiQuad is simple. We work, chill, rejuvenate and repeat ! Get a glimpse :

We Loved at LogiQuad