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With an insight-driven strategy and the right tools & technologies at disposal, LogiQuad’s Devops consulting services speed up your business growth & modernization. As one of the leading DevOps consulting firms, we help you automate & accelerate your business processes streamlining IT delivery cycle, without compromising on the quality & reliability factors.

LogiQuad DevOps Offerings

The first step of our DevOps consulting services is the planning & designing phase, which is a three-step process:
assessing your business’ present DevOps state in terms of maturity, infrastructure & culture, identifying areas that require process, collaborative & qualitative improvement and finally, by designing a strategic & sustainable roadmap to achieve the DevOps expectations.
We help you minimize manual dependence across your business automating the 360° infrastructure including hardware, software, network, OS and components for data storage and also by managing the risk in the organization’s current to automated infrastructure migration. LogiQuad infrastructure automation services include building highly-secured environments, automating deployment, provisioning of configuration and automation, upscaling servers and completely discarding stateless servers or server state inconsistencies.
In this cornerstone of DevOps, we prioritize quality code generation looking through the configuration files & assembling the relevant containers, implementing CI/CD pipeline with carefully curated branch-merge strategy for optimized pipeline management, passing through diverse test cases and finally, effective coordination to deploy releases to production on time, ensuring its highly performant & bug-free.
With test-driven security (TDS) approach, consistent monitoring and prompt shielding against attacks, we adopt best-in-class DevSecOps practices compliant with updated DevOps standards like SOC 2, IAST, GDPR, HIPAA etc and perform repeated inspections, security audits & data integrity checks to deliver a security-rich solution that is safeguarded against potential cyber threats.
LogiQuad DevOps support is focused at your service uptime optimization, so with an automated alerting process our support team is promptly notified for instant resolution. We understand how even a short downtime can take a major toll on your business’s productivity, so with our support you get uninterrupted uptime & barely any risk of loss.

What Makes LogiQuad the Best DevOps Services Company

In a crowd of DevOps service providers, we claim to provide an ‘All Inclusive’ experience through our DevOps consulting services that makes business agility meet cost benefits. There’s more! With LogiQuad as your DevOps partner, you sign up for:


monitoring solution




service quality







Improve Your DevOps Status

With a complementary DevOps Maturity Assessment report from us, get a bird’s eye view of the strengths and weaknesses of your business’s current digital persona, and take the 0-th step towards your DevOps journey 2.0, fast & foolproof, partnering with the proven top DevOps consulting firm, LogiQuad!

Unlock your DevOps Maturity Assessment Report



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With a team of certified agile developers paired with the right project management tools LogiQuad houses the best-in-class agile experience ensuring faster delivery and desired results.
The agile methodology that we follow for our DevOps consulting services enable convenient collaboration, non-conflicting cross-team contribution across multiple layers of your, finally delivering the ready-to-market project in incremental sequence of milestones, so the changes or bugs are taken care of on-the-go, without any last minute surprise anomaly or a day’s delay.
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One-stop development hub for secure, high value & compliant solutions
With deep knowledge and first-hand experience of launching solutions in the modern finance space, we can help your business reach heights digitally.


Ace the ever evolving online buying demands like a pro!
Having built 50+ cutting edge ecommerce solutions from scratch, we can help you widen your consumer base.


Empower the learning landscape with convenient all-in-one solutions
For teachers, learners and unbiased assessment, we build improved learning experiences digitally.


Making machinery accuracy meet cognitive abilities for predictive solutions
From patient data confidentiality to on-point diagnosis & revolutionary drug research - what’s your goal?

Real Estate

A realtor’s dream-come-true kind of 360° automation
Manage massive property history & maintenance details through advanced solutions


Automate shipping and freight forwarding tasks to maximize profit
Improves visibility into every operation, fueling supply chain efficiency & customer satisfaction alike


Automate shipping and freight forwarding tasks to maximize profit
Improves visibility into every operation, fueling supply chain efficiency & customer satisfaction alike


Create centrally hosted, highly accessible apps
Optimize the resources through a flexible yet innovative approach opting for SaaS solutions


Stay on top of all your hospitality facilities, digitally
Build bespoke hospitality software to manage growing market needs while addressing customer concerns


Reach your voice to a wider audience base with best-in-class solutions
Balance the best of appeal & functionalities through a custom media management software


Harness the cognitive abilities of AI/ML to grow faster
Build AI/ML rich solutions and drastically improve your business outcomes with improved accuracy & visibility


Other Services


Cloud Consulting

Get all probable cloud services under one roof at LogiQuad – from migration from on-prem to cloud to cloud native development to infrastructure management and a lot more!


Enterprise Application

LogiQuad designs, develops and delivers enterprise applications which are cross device compatible, keeping the brand voice intact and catering to business’s as well as customers’ interest at one go.


Mobile App

Make your mark in the digital space with best-in-class analytics and ready insight gaining full visibility while executing efficient interaction with potential customers.


Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

Derive insights into data and create value with the latest in deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.


Salesforce Consulting

LogiQuad is a one-stop Salesforce consulting service provider helping businesses across every phase, from consultation to implementation and migration to integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key components of a DevOps service? The key components of DevOps services include:
  1. Consulting: Advising organizations on implementing DevOps practices.
  2. Automation: Setting up automated pipelines for building, testing, and deploying software.
  3. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD): Implementing CI/CD pipelines to automate software delivery.
  4. Monitoring and Analytics: Setting up tools for monitoring and gathering data for performance and security.
  5. Containerization and Orchestration: Using technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
  6. Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Treating infrastructure as code for automation and version control.
  7. Security: Integrating security practices into the DevOps pipeline.
  8. Training: Providing training to teams on DevOps tools and practices.
Some popular tools and technologies include Jenkins, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and various cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
How can organizations choose the right DevOps service provider?
Organizations should consider factors like the provider’s experience, reputation, expertise in specific technologies, case studies, and alignment with their business needs and culture.
How can organizations measure the success of their DevOps initiatives?
DevOps success can be measured by factors like reduced lead time for changes, increased deployment frequency, reduced failure rates, faster mean time to recovery, and overall business value delivered.
Is DevOps only for large enterprises, or can smaller businesses benefit from it as well?
DevOps can benefit organizations of all sizes. Smaller businesses may find it helps them compete effectively by enabling faster delivery and more efficient resource utilization.

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