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Innovate, Accelerate, Scale – Get your head in the cloud with our cloud consulting services.
Capitalizing on the cloud is a significant IT decision, with direct impact on your general IT strategy, future IT technology acquisition, staffing, governance, and eventual technology-enabled business goals realization. Partnering with LogiQuad, one of the top cloud consulting firms, you can excel the easiest possible way!
Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

Our well-orchestrated Cloud optimization services help businesses enhance overall efficiency, reduce operational expenses, and achieve maximum value from their cloud investment with planned usage of resource and components. To ensure highest functionality, we focus on four pivotal steps : Assessing the architecture & identifying bottlenecks, detecting mis-provisioned resources, strategizing storage & content distribution and cloud control, accountability & security implementation.

Cloud Adoption

At the leading cloud consulting firm, LogiQuad, we guide you through the best-suited route to achieve faster time to value across multiple platforms in your cloud adoption journey. Our process starts with defining a strategic roadmap to meet your cloud goals, analyzing resource consumption needs to estimate costs, followed by establishing a sustainable architecture compliant with updated standards and scaling your cloud on-demand by provisioning & tooling automation for application building or migration.
Cloud Adoption


With LogiQuad’s holistic cloud migration framework unleash highest capabilities of cloud through platform, infrastructure, application & database migration, using exclusive industry-acclaimed tools, technologies & methods across all cloud models and delivery structures. Quick look at our key application integration offerings :
We help you with rehosting or lift and shift, to ease migration of your application from one IT environment to another.
With rewriting, re-innovate your application approach with our consistent development and testing cycles.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Our expert cloud infrastructure designers directly map custom business requirements into technical features & functionalities, followed by evaluating different cloud options & cloud orchestration platforms to finalize the potential option, versioning out befitting infrastructure designs to facilitate integration with the existing systems & services.
Cloud Infrastructure Design

Cloud Native Development

From on-demand elastic scaling to harnessing cloud bursting and more, our cloud native application development.

Managed Services

With LogiQuad’s cloud managed services, like Azure, Digital Ocean and AWS managed services etc. you stay on top of the best of agility & speed, making it easier to flexibly scale when the need arises. So, you effectively reap the highest benefits bridging process gaps, accelerating growth in your cloud journey.
managed services


As a part of our cloud consulting services, we strongly focus on implementing secured transactional databases enabling a one-stop customer journey record, viewing, updated data warehouse – a central repository of all-around information, using contemporary data modelling tools like NoSQL, primarily to avoid data silos and conveniently generate custom reporting to boost more informed business decisions.


We encompass seamless data integration journeys across businesses of all sizes to eradicate every hiccups in the process, adopting best-in-class practices, injecting innovation without any delay. LogiQuad cloud integration services are focused at connecting multiple, functionally complementary systems and applications for updated data sharing, leading to improved connectivity in dynamic business landscapes.


Our cloud analytics services enable businesses to leverage the power of voluminous operational data collected. Besides, by strategically organizing, refining and deep-digging these data the cloud analytics services present to you ready insights supporting factual decision making across key use cases like BI, operational analytics, data warehousing, data lakes that are highly scalable etc.

What Makes LogiQuad the Best Cloud Consulting Firm

In a crowd of Cloud service providers, we claim to provide a disruptive experience through our Cloud consulting services with a specialization as being the repeatedly chosen AWS consulting partner,that makes business agility meet cost benefits. There’s more! With LogiQuad as your Cloud and AWS consulting partner, you sign up for:

Faster Delivery
of Software

improverd quality




improved security



Improve Your Cloud Status

With LogiQuad’s structured approach, assess your organization’s readiness for the cloud and then fill in the gaps developing new competencies partnering with our cloud experts. Gain complete visibility on your current business practices across four aspects, Learn, Lead, Scale and Secure with recommendations on how to strategically transform to an advanced state of cloud maturity.

Unlock your roadmap to improved cloud maturity


Multi Cloud Capabilities


Public Cloud

Avail the striking business benefits of Public cloud environments hosting on top service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure etc. Unlike older times, today’s public cloud services are extremely convenient as the services are directly sent across clients’ on-site data centers, meaning locational and ownership distinctions hold no more concerns.

Private Cloud

Private cloud computing, the end-to-end dedicated cloud environment is another popular choice these days. Being devoted to a single client with completely segregated access, private clouds are the synonym for security. However, with times private cloud doesn’t require support of on-site IT equipment as off-site rented data centers do the job, making it a favorite among enterprises with understaffing or lack of skill I-house kind of issues.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud brings the best of both worlds, linking several environments through LANs, WANs, VPNs, and APIs to form a unified, highly functional environment. Get custom hybrid cloud services with LogiQuad, reaping the highest benefits off a connected environment derived from centralized & scalable IT resources while getting integrated management and orchestration services alongside.


Get Ready for Upgrade with LogiQuad!



With a team of certified agile developers paired with the right project management tools LogiQuad houses the best-in-class agile experience ensuring faster delivery and desired results.
The agile methodology that we follow for our Cloud consulting services enable convenient collaboration, non-conflicting cross-team contribution across multiple layers of your, finally delivering the ready-to-market project in incremental sequence of milestones, so the changes or bugs are taken care of on-the-go, without any last-minute surprise anomaly or a day’s delay.
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One-stop development hub for secure, high value & compliant solutions
With deep knowledge and first-hand experience of launching solutions in the modern finance space, we can help your business reach heights digitally.


Ace the ever evolving online buying demands like a pro!
Having built 50+ cutting edge ecommerce solutions from scratch, we can help you widen your consumer base.


Empower the learning landscape with convenient all-in-one solutions
For teachers, learners and unbiased assessment, we build improved learning experiences digitally.


Making machinery accuracy meet cognitive abilities for predictive solutions
From patient data confidentiality to on-point diagnosis & revolutionary drug research - what’s your goal?

Real Estate

A realtor’s dream-come-true kind of 360° automation
Manage massive property history & maintenance details through advanced solutions


Automate shipping and freight forwarding tasks to maximize profit
Improves visibility into every operation, fueling supply chain efficiency & customer satisfaction alike


Automate shipping and freight forwarding tasks to maximize profit
Improves visibility into every operation, fueling supply chain efficiency & customer satisfaction alike


Create centrally hosted, highly accessible apps
Optimize the resources through a flexible yet innovative approach opting for SaaS solutions


Stay on top of all your hospitality facilities, digitally
Build bespoke hospitality software to manage growing market needs while addressing customer concerns


Reach your voice to a wider audience base with best-in-class solutions
Balance the best of appeal & functionalities through a custom media management software


Harness the cognitive abilities of AI/ML to grow faster
Build AI/ML rich solutions and drastically improve your business outcomes with improved accuracy & visibility


Other Services

DevOps Consulting

Automate & accelerate your business processes streamlining IT delivery & operations, without compromising on the quality & reliability, with LogiQuad.


Enterprise Application

LogiQuad designs, develops and delivers enterprise applications which are cross device compatible, keeping the brand voice intact and catering to business’s as well as customers’ interest at one go.


Mobile App

Make your mark in the digital space with best-in-class analytics and ready insight gaining full visibility while executing efficient interaction with potential customers.


Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

Derive insights into data and create value with the latest in deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.


Salesforce Consulting

LogiQuad is a one-stop Salesforce consulting service provider helping businesses across every phase, from consultation to implementation and migration to integration

Frequently Asked Questions

How do cloud infrastructure services differ from other cloud service models (PaaS, SaaS)?
IaaS provides the fundamental building blocks, such as virtual machines and storage, while Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides a platform for developing and deploying applications, and Software as a Service (SaaS) offers fully managed applications.
What are the benefits of using cloud infrastructure services?
Benefits include scalability, cost-efficiency, flexibility, reduced capital expenditures, and the ability to quickly provision and manage resources.
Who are some major providers of cloud infrastructure services?
Leading providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, among others.
How does pricing work for cloud infrastructure services?
Pricing typically follows a pay-as-you-go or pay-for-what-you-use model, where you’re billed based on the resources consumed, such as compute instances, storage, and data transfer.
What is a virtual machine (VM) in the context of cloud infrastructure?
A virtual machine is a software-based emulation of a physical computer that runs an operating system and applications. In cloud infrastructure, VMs are often used to run applications in a flexible and scalable manner.
How can I secure my data in the cloud infrastructure?
Security measures include encryption, access controls, identity and access management, regular updates and patches, and following best practices like the principle of least privilege.
Can I run my existing applications in the cloud infrastructure?
Yes, many cloud infrastructure services support running existing applications, either by migrating them as they are or by making necessary adjustments for compatibility.
How does disaster recovery and backup work in cloud infrastructure?
Many cloud providers offer tools and services for backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Data can be replicated and stored in multiple geographic locations for resilience.
How do I choose the right cloud infrastructure provider for my organization?

Factors to consider include your specific requirements, budget, the provider’s data center locations, service offerings, and their track record in terms of reliability and security. 

What is the difference between a private cloud and a public cloud in terms of infrastructure services?
A public cloud is hosted and operated by a cloud service provider and serves multiple customers. A private cloud is hosted on premises or in a data center for a single organization’s use, providing more control and security.

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