Mobile App Development

At LogiQuad we have 14+ years of experience developing enterprise class applications on major mobile platforms – native/hybrid. As a mobile application development service provider, we help you secure your mobile presence right from the concept, design, development, monetization to analytics and complete lifecycle of releases.

Build Growth Hacking Mobile Apps

As a team of seasoned application developers experienced in cloud native and hybrid mobile app development services, we deliver highly functional apps that bring together scalability, productivity, cost & time benefits galore.


Avail coherent framework rich hybrid app development services that brings together the high performance of a native app and the functional flexibility of a web app, resulting in high reactivity & popularity among users.


With hands on experience of launching a wide range of apps across both Andriod and iOS environment & tailored for popular devices & models like Android smartphones, tablets, iPhone/iPad/iPod/iWatch & more, we create intuitive, secured, highly productive and robust applications delivering delightful user experience and guarantee growth with significant revenue boost.


When it comes to an effective mobility solution, “One size does NOT fit all”, until you’re ready to settle for ‘somewhat’ growth in return of your mammoth cost & effort investment. So, we follow a process oriented ideation approach, mirroring your business’s core vision into our app development mission, and brainstorm to present ideas as storyboards that combine our 13+ years’ worth insights, your needs & resource plan to achieve the same under your desired budget & timeline.
With a concrete idea at hand, we work towards building wireframes and prototype taking into account the latest web standards for responsiveness, to deliver a highly engaging, agile experience through strategic visuals with the help of Figma, Lucidcharts, AdobeXD and cutting edge professional designing platforms alike.
We at LogiQuad follow agile methodology for building enterprise mobility solutions enabling convenient collaboration, non-conflicting cross-team contribution across multiple layers of an enterprise, to deliver the final project in incremental sequence of milestones, so the changes or bugs are taken care of on-the-go, without any last minute surprise anomaly or a day’s delay.
As a leading flutter app development company, LogiQuad’s team of full stack developers help you build your business’s web applications leveraging the latest technological advancements & best in class tools. From choosing the features & associated tech stack for achieving top degree of automation, to ensuring the highest flexibility, responsiveness and ROI within your scope, you experience a seamless build, deploy and release cycle partnering with us.
When you choose us as your mobility partner, risk management are on us and you only get handed over a fully functional, repeatedly tested, bug free solution that ensures unmatched user experience right from the day of launch and not just that, we also offer you a strict eye at the back-end health post release so we detect any crash almost instantly before it affects the uptime or infrastructure / API performance. So, if you’re looking for a top flutter or react native app development company, look no further!


With a team of certified agile developers paired with the right project management tools LogiQuad houses the best-in-class agile experience ensuring faster delivery and desired results.
The agile methodology that we follow for our Mobile App Development Services enable convenient collaboration, non-conflicting cross-team contribution across multiple layers of your, finally delivering the ready-to-market project in incremental sequence of milestones, so the changes or bugs are taken care of on-the-go, without any last-minute surprise anomaly or a day’s delay.
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One-stop development hub for secure, high value & compliant solutions
With deep knowledge and first-hand experience of launching solutions in the modern finance space, we can help your business reach heights digitally.


Ace the ever evolving online buying demands like a pro!
Having built 50+ cutting edge ecommerce solutions from scratch, we can help you widen your consumer base.


Empower the learning landscape with convenient all-in-one solutions
For teachers, learners and unbiased assessment, we build improved learning experiences digitally.


Making machinery accuracy meet cognitive abilities for predictive solutions
From patient data confidentiality to on-point diagnosis & revolutionary drug research - what’s your goal?

Real Estate

A realtor’s dream-come-true kind of 360° automation
Manage massive property history & maintenance details through advanced solutions


Automate shipping and freight forwarding tasks to maximize profit
Improves visibility into every operation, fueling supply chain efficiency & customer satisfaction alike


Automate shipping and freight forwarding tasks to maximize profit
Improves visibility into every operation, fueling supply chain efficiency & customer satisfaction alike


Create centrally hosted, highly accessible apps
Optimize the resources through a flexible yet innovative approach opting for SaaS solutions


Stay on top of all your hospitality facilities, digitally
Build bespoke hospitality software to manage growing market needs while addressing customer concerns


Reach your voice to a wider audience base with best-in-class solutions
Balance the best of appeal & functionalities through a custom media management software


Harness the cognitive abilities of AI/ML to grow faster
Build AI/ML rich solutions and drastically improve your business outcomes with improved accuracy & visibility



Other Services

DevOps Consulting

Automate & accelerate your business processes streamlining IT delivery & operations, without compromising on the quality & reliability, with LogiQuad.


Cloud Consulting

Get all probable cloud services under one roof at LogiQuad – from migration from on-prem to cloud to cloud native development to infrastructure management and a lot more!


Enterprise Application

LogiQuad designs, develops and delivers enterprise applications which are cross device compatible, keeping the brand voice intact and catering to business’s as well as customers’ interest at one go.


Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

Derive insights into data and create value with the latest in deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.


Salesforce Consulting

LogiQuad is a one-stop Salesforce consulting service provider helping businesses across every phase, from consultation to implementation and migration to integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between mobile app development and web development?
Mobile app development is focused on creating standalone applications for mobile devices, while web development involves building websites that can be accessed through web browsers on various devices.
Which programming languages are commonly used for mobile app development?
Popular languages for mobile app development include Java (for Android), Swift (for iOS), and JavaScript (for cross-platform development with frameworks like React Native and Flutter).
What is responsive web design, and why is it important for mobile application development?
Responsive mobile app design is an approach that ensures apps adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. It’s essential for providing a consistent user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
What is a native app, and how does it differ from a hybrid app?
A native app is designed specifically for a particular mobile platform (e.g., Android or iOS), while a hybrid app is built using web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and can run on multiple platforms.
How do I choose between developing a native app and a hybrid app?
The choice depends on factors like your target audience, development resources, and performance requirements. Native apps often offer better performance but require separate codebases for each platform.
How do I ensure the security of my mobile app?
Security measures include encryption, secure authentication methods, and regular security audits. Staying up to date with security best practices is crucial.

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