How much does on-demand logistics app development cost?

Logistics App Development

In the dynamic world of logistics and supply chain management, businesses increasingly rely on technology to maintain operational pace. This reliance has led to the rising popularity of on-demand logistics apps as technological solutions. These mobile apps allow businesses and retailers to interact with logistic service providers and deliver goods in real time. The on-demand market is expected to hit $533.5 billion by the year 2025. 

However, there is one crucial point that business representatives often consider before implementing such solutions on-demand logistics app development costs

This article will discuss the different logistics app features and costs, factors affecting the cost of developing on-demand logistics apps, and much more.

What is an on-demand logistics app?

The on-demand logistics app is a mobile application that enables users to request services from transport or delivery trucks and other service providers. These apps focus on automating and streamlining all aspects of the logistics chain, from order placement to delivery tracking.

Typical features include live tracking, route planning, inventory control, and secure payment options

Significance of on-demand logistics apps

On-demand apps have revolutionized the logistics sector, offering several advantages to both businesses and consumers. These applications increase the efficiency of operations, reduce costs, and allow for real-time supply chain monitoring. 

Businesses can also benefit from more efficient inventory management, reduced order fulfillment times, and improved customer satisfaction. Conversely, consumers enjoy quicker and more reliable delivery services that allow them to track their orders in real time.

Features of on-demand logistics app development

  • Real-time tracking and visibility

In on-demand logistics applications, the real-time tracking feature lets users view where a package belongs from the pick-up location until delivery. This improves the transparency of supply chains, enabling companies to make informed decisions predict delivery times, and early identification and resolution on any issues where necessary.

  • Automated route planning and optimization

These applications rely on sophisticated algorithms to improve delivery routes. Automated route planning helps reduce fuel consumption, lower transportation costs, and increase overall efficiency. It considers several aspects, such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity.

  • Multi-modal integration

Typically, on-demand logistics apps include transportation fleets, including trucks, ships, trains, and drones. This flexibility enables the companies to select the most convenient and cost-effective mode for their specific need of transport.

  • Inventory management

Logistics operations require a proper way of inventory management to run smoothly. On-demand logistics apps allow for real-time monitoring of inventory levels, which minimizes the possibility of stockouts or overstocks. Alerts and notifications can be easily automated to notify the stakeholders when their inventory status changes.

  • Automated order processing

The app enables smooth order processing, from placing an order to completion. Automation reduces errors in order processing, helps speed up this process, and also increases overall customer satisfaction. The integration of e-commerce platforms and other order management systems increases efficiency.

  • Data analytics and reporting

Advanced data analytics tools available in the on-demand logistics apps provide useful information regarding KPIs. They can even analyze the data about delivery times, transportation costs, and order accuracy so they can make empowered decisions in a bigger quest for continuous improvement.

How much does the logistics app development cost?

As discussed earlier, the logistics app development pricing depends on many elements specific to your logistic application creation process.  The average creation cost of an on-demand app depends upon its development varieties. For instance,

  • The cost of developing a basic logistics mobile app ranges from approximately $30,000 to $120,000.
  • An on-demand logistics app with a medium level of complexity would cost between $120,000 and $200,000.
  • Logistics app development costs can vary greatly based on aspects like the app’s functionality and design complexity. Still, a fully functional on-demand app might cost anywhere from $200,000 to an unlimited amount.

Factors contributing to the on-demand logistics app development cost

  • Backend and frontend development

The options you choose for the backend and frontend development will be crucial in determining the cost of your logistics application. In particular, everything depends on the chosen logistics app design, frameworks, tools, and technologies.

  • Type of application

As an on-demand app, the cost to develop a logistics application is higher than any other category, such as social media or e-commerce. This is so because a single application comprises three different panels and needs the resources corresponding to those of three applications. Therefore, custom app development pricing will be much higher than their counterparts.

  • Platform (android or iOS)

The chosen platform can be either Android or iOS. In reality, developing for Android is slightly more pricey than it would be with iOS because of the degree to which fragmentation affects this platform.

But there is also a third way to develop a logistics app cross-platform development. With cross-platform development, your app can perform exceptionally on both platforms, matching the quality of a native application. It is also cost-efficient compared to the standalone development of an app for both platforms.

  • Development team size

It is unnecessary to remind you that if you outsource the service to a reliable and credible on-demand app development company, logistics mobile application development costs will be much lower. This is due to the fact that with on-demand app development, companies comfortably enjoy a competitive advantage – the prolific quality of mobility and digital solutions.

  • Location of company

Location is a key factor that determines the final price of the logistics app development services. It has been established that the hourly rates of development increase as one moves from the east to the west.

While the above factors directly influence the on demand delivery app development cost, customization according to specific needs and customer demands is always possible.


The app’s complexity, compatibility with the various platforms, features, and post-launch support are the factors that contribute to the cost variations of an on-demand logistics app development. Even though high-quality apps are associated with high mobile app development expenses, the increased efficiency achieved through the process positively influences the customer experience. Also, it creates a competitive advantage in this market.

Cost estimation should be treated as a strategic process involving defining the project scope, selecting priority functionality, and choosing carefully from development partners. Having knowledge about the significant cost elements and making workable app development budget estimation strategies, companies are capable of starting an on-demand logistics app development journey with confidence because they have identified where to spend their money the best.


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