Building a User-Friendly Angular App for Document and Process Management

Angular App for Document and Process Management

About the Client:

Our customer is a US-based Organization working in the knowledge management area. They also have a good work going in Machine learning and have some really good solutions around it.


The clients are working in the content management area and need to process a huge number of documents. Following are some of the major issues faced:

  • Different applications for ECM and BPM.
  • Traditional UI/UX.
  • Slow web applications.

Our Solution

To resolve the mentioned challenges we build a project with the intention to replace traditional UI/UX with the latest, on the top of Angular. We have developed an Angular app that answered the requirement for having the common UI for Enterprise Content Management and Bussiness Process Management which could work flawlessly and developed or customized with ease and fewer efforts.

We used Angular 7, Angular Material, SCSS, RxJS, React.js frameworks on this project. The components are developed on the top Alfresco Development Framework(Github Alfresco NG2 Components Library). We have used the CI/CD pipeline for deploying the application in three environments in AWS.

The Project is Comprised of Following Building Blocks:

Angular Services: Served as an API for communicating with backend servers of ECM and BPM.
Authentication: Auth guards for routes, that serve Authentication as well as Authorization on route level.

Component Development: Component level development which delivered an enhanced user experience for document management(ECM) and business workflows(BPM).

The Following are Some of the Components:

Enterprise Search: An enhanced search component which gave the features like autocomplete, filtering, highlighting, sorting on documents.

Documents Library:– It provided the enhanced document management feature like uploading, editing, versioning, locking, view/edit metadata of the documents.

Business Workflow:- Created components for multiple business processes like Accounts Payable, Recruitment and, etc.

Launcher Component:- Basically shows clickable tiles for each application, which redirects to the component related to that application. This is a completely configurable component.

Enhanced Login: Integrated with the Keycloak which served as the Identity Provider for the Angular app with Open ID authentication. This provided features like SSO and Social Login.

The project was built with the intention to have the pluggable modules. This is achieved by the Modular development approach in Angular. Each part of the functionality is broken down into Module. These modules are then deployed as the Angular extensions library.

Business Benefits:

Our solutions have successfully replaced the existing traditional application with latest Angular 7 which resulted in the following perks:

  • Increase in performance.
  • Reduced operational time.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Fast and Robust Search functionality.

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