Vulnerability Testing Automation for Web Applications: A Multi-Tenant Security Solution

Vulnerability Testing Automation for Web Applications

Vulnerability Testing Automation for Web Applications

Industry  Information Technology (IT) and Software Development 
Features   Vulnerability Testing, Multi-Tenancy, Single-Tenant Provisioning, Automated Infrastructure Provisioning, Security Attack Mitigation, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Code and Infrastructure Deployment Automation, Single-Click Application Provisioning 
Infrastructure   Terraform cloud, Github Action.
AWS: ECS, VPC, RDS, DocumentDB, ALB, Route53 ACM, Service Discoverability, Private hosted zone, S3  


Introducing our dynamic project, where we undertook the development of a specialized product. This tool is designed to conduct vulnerability tests on web applications by simulating multiple attack scenarios. Featuring both multi-tenant and single-tenant capabilities, the system enables the swift provisioning of organizational infrastructures through a user-friendly admin portal. Our project plays a pivotal role in fortifying security measures by uncovering vulnerabilities and safeguarding against potential security breaches. 

Client Profile

The client is headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a leading SaaS innovation agency dedicated to empowering startups and small businesses. Their mission is to drive revenue growth and market dominance through innovative software solutions. With a diverse portfolio spanning industries like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, and more, the client boasts a track record of delivering high-quality software tailored to clients’ unique needs and objectives. 


  • Security Concerns, the increasing threat of cyberattacks and web vulnerabilities  
  • Efficiency and Accuracy, manual testing for vulnerabilities was time-consuming and error-prone 
  • Need for scalable solutions with the growing number of web applications. 
  • Streamlining and automating the provisioning of infrastructure  
  • Delivering a robust and efficient solution capable of seamlessly deploying code and infrastructure. 
  • Simplifying the provisioning process for organizations and tenants. 
  • Detecting and mitigating all vulnerabilities effectively. 

Technical Solution 

In this project, we developed a comprehensive solution for conducting vulnerability assessments on web applications. Our approach involved orchestrating a blend of automation and efficient provisioning to offer a robust and user-friendly system. 

Our technical solutions encompassed: 

  • Vulnerability Testing Framework: We designed and implemented a sophisticated vulnerability testing framework that systematically assesses web applications through a battery of controlled attacks. 
  • Multi-Tenant and Single-Tenant Support: Our system was architected to cater to both multi-tenant and single-tenant scenarios. 
  • Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with Terraform: Leveraging Terraform, we embraced Infrastructure as Code (IAC) principles to automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure on AWS.  
  • Automated AWS Infrastructure Provisioning: We automated the provisioning of essential AWS services such as ECS, VPC, RDS, DocumentDB, ALB, Route53, ACM, and others. This not only expedited the setup process but also guaranteed the correct configuration of resources. 
  • Code Deployment Pipeline: We established a robust code deployment pipeline to automate the deployment of code changes. This allowed for swift and controlled code releases, enhancing agility and reducing deployment-related challenges. 
  • One-Click Application Provisioning: Through the admin portal, we developed a seamless one-click application provisioning feature. This empowers organizations to effortlessly set up their entire application environment with a single click, thereby simplifying onboarding and reducing time to value. 
  • Infrastructure and Tools: Our infrastructure stack comprised Terraform Cloud for IAC, GitHub Actions for CI/CD, and AWS services such as ECS, VPC, RDS, DocumentDB, ALB, Route53, ACM, Service Discoverability, Private hosted zone, and S3. 

Technical Stack

– Infrastructure: Terraform cloud, Github Action, AWS: ECS, VPC, RDS, DocumentDB, ALB, Route53 ACM, Service Discoverability, Private hosted zone, s3 

Results and Business Benefits

The solution we built offered several significant business benefits as below: 

  • Enhanced Security: By performing vulnerability tests and multiple attack simulations on web applications, the solution helped discover and mitigate security vulnerabilities proactively. 
  • Operational Efficiency: The ability to provision infrastructure for organizations with a single click from the admin portal streamlined the onboarding process and reduced manual intervention. 
  • Cost Optimization: The use of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with Terraform and automated code and infrastructure deployment led to cost savings by efficiently managing and optimizing AWS resources. 
  • Rapid Deployment: The creation of a code pipeline for streamlined code deployment allowed for faster releases and updates. 
  • Scalability: Leveraging AWS services, such as ECS, VPC, RDS, and others, ensured scalability to accommodate growing workloads and user demands.  
  • Automation: The project’s emphasis on automation, including code and infrastructure deployment, contributed to reducing manual errors and ensured consistency. 
  • Resource Management: Using Terraform and Infrastructure as Code, client can efficiently manage AWS resources. 
  • Comprehensive AWS Ecosystem Utilization: Leveraging various AWS services like ECS, VPC, RDS, and others demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the AWS ecosystem, allowing businesses to harness the full potential of cloud services. 


The comprehensive technical solution ensured that organizations can efficiently assess web application vulnerabilities, provision infrastructure, automate code deployment, and simplify the onboarding process through a user-friendly admin portal. This approach enhanced security, scalability, and operational efficiency. 


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