Building Mobile Application for Customizable Media Station Platform

Mobile App for Media Station Platform


The main challenge was to provide a mobile application for a customizable media station platform.

Another challenge was the application should be able to give you full control over what you listen to and when. Even if you want to hear a few songs, some healthcare news, and a few entertainment updates.

Our Solution

We have developed a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms using native SDK.
The application giving you full control over what you listen to and when. Using genetic algorithms and organic metrics, MediaKrunch uses your choices to bring you content you will love.

The application provides to collect news stories from every outlet, and MediaKrunch will even convert text to voice, allowing you the pleasure of hearing, rather than reading. The benefit of this app is that you don’t have to settle for just one news feed or one type of news. You can even incorporate your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Even with the pre-built stations, the user can choose to listen to the whole thing or just one specific article.

How often have you been listening to the radio in your car and you either have to keep switching through stations or just give up and listen to one station, even if it has only some of the music or news you want to hear? It doesn’t have to be that way. The user can choose how many songs in a row, how many new stories in a row, and even how often he wants to hear traffic reports. And you can choose what those songs are, what those news stories are, and which city’s traffic you want to hear. With MediaKrunch, you are in complete control of your radio, what you hear and when. Even if you want to hear a few songs, and then some healthcare news, and then a few entertainment updates, you have the power with this beautiful new app. You can use this app at any time, when you’re walking, jogging, working, grabbing a cup of coffee, driving, etc.

This application is an easily navigable and extremely clear App for web users.

With the help of this App, you can integrate your twitter and facebook posts and can also text from any other source that this app will read it to you.


Media Krunch App


Business Benefits:

You don’t have to download too many applications in your device.

This is the first customizable media station platform that gives you full control over what you listen to and at what time.


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