Customer Portal in Extended Reality (XR) Solutions: Transforming Enterprise Training with XR

Customer Portal in Extended Reality
Industry  Virtual Reality/Extended Reality, Training & Development, EdTech 
Features   Customer portal, Content & Course Management, Multitenancy, User Management, Emails & Notifications, Device Management, User training & support. 
Technologies   React, JavaScript, Node.js, My SQL, Serverless, HTML/CSS 
Infrastructure   Frontend: Web App Static Hosting with AWS S3, Distribution with AWS CloudFront
Backend- Serverless API with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway, AWS SES for Emails, AWS VPC for Security, AWS RDS for PostgreSQL Database 


A leading provider of cutting-edge enterprise extended reality (XR) solutions designed to empower human potential and revolutionize training efficiency. Operating in the dynamic XR industry, encompassing VR, AR, and MR technologies, their mission is to enhance training and development through immersive experiences. To address their unique challenges, they sought solutions to ensure data isolation, accommodate rapid growth, manage diverse customer needs, streamline communication, and deliver user-friendly features in the XR training landscape. 

Client Profile: 

The client offers the latest end-to-end enterprise extended reality (XR) solutions to boost human potential and improve training efficiency. They operate in the extended reality (XR) industry which encompasses various immersive technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Their focus is to use XR technologies in Training & development to improve flexibility and training effectiveness in a fully immersive medium. 


The client wanted to solve a few of the below-mentioned challenges. 

  • Ensuring that each customer can only access their own data. 
  • The solution needs to be able to handle a growing number of users, data, and concurrent sessions effectively. 
  • Managing multiple customers (tenants) on a single platform 
  • Having a system that can send email invitations to trainers, manage email communication, and ensure that trainers receive the necessary information 
  • Providing a user-friendly trainer dashboard and remote assistance features 
  • Managing various devices across different customers 
  • Efficiently managing courses, including content creation, updates, and assignments to specific groups or trainers 

Technical Solution: 

We designed the architecture to offer a scalable, secure, and high-performance solution, with AWS services providing reliability and ease of management. Additionally, the use of serverless technology minimized operational overhead and allowed for more efficient resource utilization. 

  • Backend Development:

    – We chose Node.js as the backend technology due to its versatility, performance, and scalability.
    – To leverage the benefits of serverless architecture, we deployed our backend APIs on AWS Lambda, utilizing the Serverless Framework.  

  • Frontend Development:

    – For the front-end, we opted for React JS, a popular and efficient JavaScript library for building user interfaces.  

  • API Management:

    – To ensure efficient communication between the frontend and backend, we implemented an API gateway.
    – This gateway serves as a centralized entry point for our APIs, making them accessible and manageable. 

  • Database Management:

    – Our database is powered by AWS RDS using MySQL.
    – AWS RDS offers high availability, data redundancy, and automated backups, ensuring the security and reliability of our data. 

  • Data Storage:

    – We utilize AWS S3, an object storage service, for picture storage.
    – AWS S3 is highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for storing and serving images. 

  • Frontend Hosting:

    – Our frontend is hosted on AWS S3 and distributed through Amazon CloudFront.
    – This setup provides low-latency content delivery to users, enhanced security, and cost-effective scalability.

Technology Stack:

  • Technologies: React, JavaScript, Node.js, My SQL, Serverless, HTML/CSS 
  • Infrastructure:
    • Frontend – Web App Static Hosting with AWS S3, Distribution with AWS CloudFront
    • Backend – Serverless API with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway, AWS SES for Emails, AWS VPC for Security, AWS RDS for PostgreSQL Database

Architecture Diagram:

Customer Portal in Extended Reality Architecture Diagram
Customer Portal in Extended Reality Architecture Diagram


Results & Business Benefits: 

Our solutions enabled the client to streamline trainer onboarding and management, simplifying the process of assigning courses and devices to trainers. Additionally, the client gained the ability to efficiently organize device groups and assign trainers to specific groups, enhancing overall training program effectiveness and management. 

With our solution, the client now has below cutting-edge benefits over the competitors: 

  • Data Isolation and Security 
  • Scalability 
  • Multi-Tenancy 
  • User Management 
  • Email Invitations and Notifications: 
  • User Training and Support 
  • Device Management 
  • Course and Content Management


Our comprehensive case study demonstrates how our solutions effectively addressed the critical challenges faced by our client. By ensuring we meet all the client’s expectations, we delivered a tailored, secure, and scalable platform that empowered their success in the XR training landscape. 


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