DocuSign Integration with Salesforce CRM for Events and Exhibits Industry

DocuSign Integration with Salesforce

About the client:

Our customer is a US-based organization that organizes an annual trade show which typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. More than 180,000 people attended the show from more than 150 countries and more than 3,600 exhibitors exhibits in the Show.


  • Send the contract with multiple documents and for multiple opportunities.
  • Process the contracts to be sent with the correct details and merge multiple contract documents into a single one.
  • Sign and manage contracts securely.

Our Solution

Using the DocuSign app for sending the Contract from Salesforce, we cannot send a contract with the multiple documents and for multiple opportunities. So, to tackle this issue, we have Web service in Talend to send the DocuSign Contracts.

To send the contract from the salesforce to the DocuSign, we select the Opportunities for which the contract is to be sent. We can also select multiple documents that are to be sent in the contract. The signer details and contract documents are saved in the salesforce. These signer details and contract documents are also sent along with the contract.

In the Talend job, we process the contract document using the docx4j library. The fields like Account details, contact details, and Product details are populated in the merge fields of the contract documents, multiple contract documents are merged into a single document. After processing the document, the document is sent to the DocuSign. Along with the document, the Signer details are also sent to the DocuSign.

Also, the contract status and the document get updated in the salesforce after each signer signs the contract. The contract can be sent with and without a payment option.

We use the SOAP web service for the communication between Salesforce and Talend and, REST web service for the communication between Talend and DocuSign.

How job works:

We have hosted this web service on the AWS using the Talend ESB. So, when the contract is sent from the Salesforce, the contract goes to the Talend web service on the AWS, then the document is processed, and the contract is sent to the DocuSign.

Email Monitoring:

If the document processing fails, then the error is sent to the Salesforce and the email alert is sent to the user from the Salesforce.


DocuSign Integration CRM

Business Benefits:

  • Our solutions enabled our customers to securely send the contract with multiple documents and for multiple opportunities with DocuSign.
  • And manage all the contracts and monitor the status of each and every contract.




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