Events and Exhibits CRM Application

Events and Exhibits CRM application

About the Client:

Our customer is a US-based organization that organizes an annual trade show which typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. More than 180,000 people attended the show from more than 150 countries and more than 3,600 exhibitors exhibits in the Show.


The customer uses Salesforce to manage sales and customers use the external booth management system to book the booths.

  • The client sells booths to their customers participating in the show. The requirement was to set up a system to sell the booths.
  • Also, process contracts for eSigning securely with DocuSign and track the contracts.
  • Manage the modifications after the contract completion if any.

Our Solution:

We have implemented the process of Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, create the opportunity, Sending the contract through the DocuSign, Tracking the Contracts, payment gateway integration, reporting.

We have created the custom visualforce page to select a product on the opportunity. This is to avoid human errors while entering product information. Also, we have a custom visualforce page to send the contract for multiple opportunities and attach multiple contract documents.

The contract is tracked for all routing until it gets completed. When the contract gets completed, and if we need any modifications in the contract, we create and contract Amendment. There are different types of amendments. We can select different contract documents, signers, and opportunities through the Visualforce page. Also, the contract amendment is tracked for all routing until it gets completed.

For sending the contracts using DocuSign, we have implemented the web service in Talend.

If the booths are booked from the external application in on the spot registration, then we process this data using the Talend job and then import it using the data loader.

We have also Implemented the Priority Points wizard to calculate points to the scheduling process of the Space Selection order. This is used to decide the priority for the customers during the booth selection process.

Business Benefits:

  • Our solutions helped our customers to sell booths with reduced sales team efforts and cost.
  • The digital signing of contracts is tracked and managed properly and securely.
  • The customer priority can be decided in the booth selection process.
  • Modifications to the completed contracts are managed effectively.

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