Revolutionizing Mortgage Management with Agent Portal CRM

Mortgage Management with Agent Portal CRM
Industry  Financial Services and Mortgage, Banking and Financial services, FinTech, Real Estate 
Features   Deal Tracking and Reporting, Client Interaction, Document Management, Application Streamlining, Task Automation, Client Relationship Management, Secure Data Handling, Integration Capabilities 
Technologies   VueJS, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, GraphQL 
Infrastructure   AWS ECS for running the tasks, ECR for docker images, Docker for containerisation, AWS ALB for load balancing and routing.  AWS RDS Postgres for database. AWS VPC for security 


Our client is a Canadian mortgage brokerage and lender, aimed to revolutionize mortgage management with an innovative CRM tool called the Agent Portal. This tool, aimed to streamline interactions between mortgage brokers and clients while simplifying the application process.   

Client Profile 

Our client is a key player in the Canadian mortgage industry, envisioned in creating comprehensive solutions that bridge borrowers and lenders. They offered lead generation tools, calculators, and were developing the Agent Portal to guide agents through the mortgage process efficiently. 


The mortgage industry demands meticulous document management and seamless client-agent communication. The challenge was to create an intuitive, efficient CRM that simplified deal management, including various deal types like refinance and switch/transfer, while ensuring secure data handling and optimal user experience.  

  • Complex Interaction Management: Mortgage brokers and agents faced challenges in efficiently managing interactions with clients across various stages of the mortgage process, leading to fragmented communication and slower response times.  
  • Documentation Overload: Handling diverse deal types, such as refinance, switch/transfer, and their associated documentation, posed a challenge. The sheer volume of paperwork often led to inefficiencies and potential errors in document management.  
  • Lack of Streamlined Processes: The absence of a unified platform hindered the seamless flow of the application process. This resulted in slower processing times and a disjointed experience for both agents and clients.  
  • Communication Gaps: The need to maintain consistent communication between mortgage brokers, agents, and clients was critical. However, existing methods lacked the efficiency needed to ensure timely and accurate information exchange.  
  • Customer Relationship Management: There was a need for a centralized system that facilitated stronger customer relationship management (CRM) for brokers and agents. This included managing client interactions, preferences, and documentation more effectively. 

Technical Solution

  • Frontend Enhancement: Utilized Vue.js for the frontend, ensuring a responsive, interactive, and intuitive user interface. Implement state-of-the-art front-end development practices to optimize user experience and facilitate smooth navigation.  
  • Backend Optimization: Enhanced the backend architecture by leveraging Node.js, ensuring robustness, and efficiency. Introduced GraphQL coupled with Apollo Server for seamless querying of data from a MongoDB database, ensuring faster data retrieval and improved performance.  
  • Microservices Refinement: Optimized the microservices architecture for scalability and modularity. Implement finer-grained services to facilitate independent development, deployment, and scaling, thereby ensuring flexibility and ease of maintenance.  
  • Scalability Measures: Designed the system to be horizontally scalable, enabling effortless expansion to accommodate growing demands without compromising performance. Implemented load balancing and auto-scaling strategies for efficient resource utilization.  
  • Security Enhancements: Implemented stringent security measures at every level, including data encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols. Ensure compliance with industry-standard security practices to safeguard sensitive client information.  
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD): Introduced a robust CI/CD pipeline using industry-standard tools. Automate testing, build, and deployment processes to streamline development, enhance code quality, and accelerate feature delivery. 
  •  Monitoring and Analytics: Integrated monitoring tools to ensure real-time visibility into system performance. Implement analytics solutions to gain insights into user behavior, enabling data-driven optimizations and enhancements. 

Technical Stack

  • Technologies: VueJS, Javascript, HTML/CSS, GraphQL
  • Infrastructure: Docker 

Results and Business Benefits

The Agent Portal proved instrumental in transforming how mortgage brokers interacted with clients.  

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined interaction and simplified processes within the CRM significantly reduce the time taken for various mortgage deals like refinance and switch/transfer, boosting overall operational efficiency. 
  • Improved Client Relations: The platform fosters better communication and engagement between mortgage brokers/agents and their clients. 
  • Deal Management Simplification: Offers a centralized platform to manage different deal types, ensuring smooth handling of diverse mortgage transactions while efficiently handling and organizing related documentation.  
  • Increased Productivity: By automating and optimizing tasks, the CRM enables agents to focus more on strategic client interactions and less on administrative burdens, thereby enhancing overall productivity.  
  • Seamless Application Process: Simplifies the mortgage application process, leading to faster application approvals, reducing bottlenecks, and ensuring smoother and quicker deal closures. 
  • Better Decision-making: Provides comprehensive insights and data analytics, enabling mortgage brokers/agents to make informed decisions promptly, thus improving the quality and speed of decision-making.  
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The platform’s microservices architecture offers scalability, allowing easy adaptation to changing business needs and increasing demand without compromising performance.  
  • Cost Reduction: Reduces operational costs associated with manual paperwork, redundant processes, and delays, resulting in overall cost savings for the brokerage or lending firm. 

Customers Says   

LogiQuad Solutions team has been great to work with. They understand the requirements well and have the skills needed to execute as you request. I really like their attention to detail and their responsiveness.  

They have an exemplary software development team, known for their strong problem-solving skills and proficiency in various programming languages. Their commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient work makes them a valuable asset to any project. Looking forward to a continued relationship.” 


The collaboration between us and the client resulted in a cutting-edge CRM, marking a milestone in the mortgage industry. The Agent Portal’s success highlighted the potency of innovative technology in simplifying complex processes, fostering better client-agent relationships, and reinforcing Cannect Inc’s commitment to empowering borrowers and lenders alike.  

This case study showcased how technology, via the Agent Portal, has positioned our client as a frontrunner in providing comprehensive solutions that bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders, ensuring informed and efficient decision-making in mortgage transactions. 


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