Vendor Management with Responsive Dashboard in Extended Reality (XR) Solutions : Transforming Enterprise Training with XR

Vendor Management in Extended Reality Solutions
Industry  Virtual Reality/Extended Reality, Training & Development, EdTech 
Features   Dashboard, Vendor management, Multitenancy, User Management, Emails & Notifications, Device Management, User training & support. 
Technologies   React, JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL, Serverless, HTML/CSS 
Infrastructure   AWS CloudFront for distribution, AWS S3 for static hosting webapp, AWS Lambda, AWS SES for emails 


In this case study for a leading provider of cutting-edge enterprise extended reality (XR) solutions, we made sure that each client’s data is safe and separate, and we prepared our system to handle lots of users and data as it grows.  

We created personalized experiences for each client, taking care of things like logos, user accounts, and other details. We also managed web addresses, link devices and courses to clients with a focus on giving users a smooth experience. Furthermore, we help new clients get started quickly with our customized solutions. 

Client Profile

The client offers the latest end-to-end enterprise extended reality (XR) solutions to boost human potential and improve training efficiency. They operate in the extended reality (XR) industry which encompasses various immersive technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Their focus is to use XR technologies in Training & development to improve flexibility and training effectiveness in a fully immersive medium. 


  • Ensuring that each client’s data is isolated and secure. 
  • Ensuring the system’s scalability to handle a large volume of users, data, and concurrent sessions. 
  • Providing a high level of customization for each client’s portal, including logos, dedicated admins, and unique configurations. 
  • Managing and allocating dedicated URLs for each client while avoiding conflicts and ensuring consistency. 
  • Efficiently managing user accounts, including super admins, client admins, trainer admins, and other users, while maintaining data security and access control. 
  • Assigning devices and courses to clients and ensuring that they are correctly linked to the dedicated client portals. 
  • Delivering a seamless and responsive user experience for both super admins and client users. 
  • Efficiently onboarding new clients, assisting them with customization.

Technical Solution 

This comprehensive solution leverages industry best practices and cloud services, ensuring efficient vendor management, security, scalability, and user-friendly interfaces, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of our client.  

  • Backend Development
    – For the backend, we chose Node.js due to its speed and scalability.
    – We deployed our APIs serverlessly on AWS Lambda using the Serverless Framework, which offers automatic scaling and cost efficiency. 
  • Frontend Development
    – The front-end was crafted using React JS, providing a responsive and intuitive user interface. 
  • API Management
    To facilitate communication between the frontend and backend, we implemented an API gateway. 
  • Database and Storage
    – Our database infrastructure relies on AWS RDS MySQL.
    – For efficient picture storage, we utilize AWS S3, ensuring scalable and cost-effective storage solutions. 
  • Hosting and Content Delivery
    – The frontend is securely hosted on AWS S3 and delivered globally through Amazon CloudFront. 
  • Monitoring and Scaling
    – For seamless scalability and proactive monitoring, we employ AWS CloudWatch and AWS Auto Scaling. 

Technical Stack

  • Technologies: React, JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL, Serverless, HTML/CSS 
  • Infrastructure: AWS CloudFront for distribution, AWS S3 for static hosting webapp, AWS Lambda, AWS SES for emails 

Results/Business Benefits: 

  • High level of customization. 
  • Data Isolation and Security. 
  • Highly Scalable systems. 
  • Easy User & URL Management. 
  • Appropriate Device & Course Assignment 
  • Responsive User Experience & high Performance 
  • Seamless & smooth Client Onboarding and Support 


Our case study presents a potent tool intended to transform vendor administration in the training and development sector. This solution helps enterprises to streamline operations, improve productivity, and accomplish their training goals with unmatched ease and effectiveness with a user-friendly dashboard and extensive vendor management tool. 


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