AWS Insights Lite


Simple and powerful AWS infrastructure monintoring.


AWS Insights Lite is a powerful serverless tool to monitor your AWS infrastructure. The tool provides a rich set of Dashboards and visualizations all in one place to give you Eagle's-eye view of your complete AWS infrastructure.

The AWS Insights Lite supports major AWS services like Compute, Storage, Networking, Billing and many more. Additional features can be added to the application by installing the extensions.

Understanding Data and ROI

Developed on the latest technology stack and runs on highly scalable infrastructure.


Developed on AWS serverless technology. The application is highly scalable, highly available and cost-effective.


The application is highly customizable. We will customize it as per your requirements.

Beautiful UI

Developed using material design and beautiful visualizations. You can switch to the theme of your choice.

Simple deployment

Deploy to your infrastructure or use our platform to host your insights application.


Get a complete view of your AWS resources and infrastructure. It supports all major AWS services.